Satellite Registry

It is with great excitement that we are announcing the launch of our Worcester Probate and Family Court Satellite Registry in Gardner. During my first four years as Register of Probate, I have heard many attorneys, social service agencies, and litigants express the need for Probate and Family Court services in Northern Worcester County. With difficulties accessing transportation, the lengthy commute, and busy lifestyles, many are struggling to utilize the Worcester courthouse. Since our goal is to provide access to justice for all, bringing our Registry services to Northern Worcester County will help us achieve just that.

Beginning June 27, 2019, the Probate and Family Court will host a satellite Registry session in Courtroom B at the Gardner District Court, located at 108 Matthews Steetm from 9am – 1pm. This session will be active each SECOND and FOURTH Thursday of each month.

Satellite registry services will include:

  • A Guardianship Clinic – Schedule a private session with a court magistrate to receive information about filing a guardianship, specifically if you are a grandparent raising grandchildren or caring for someone who is incapacitated.
  • A 1A Divorce Clinic – Schedule a session to review your 1A divorce separation agreements.
  • Access to cases – Access court cases and receive paperwork for filing or opening a new case
  • Filing services – File your pleadings
  • Magistrate help – Access a dedicated information line serviced by court magistrates
  • An Information Probate Session – Bring in completed informal probates to have them allowed

We hope the success of this satellite Registry will allow us to expand our services, and we are open to hearing your additional needs for the Registry session. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or information, and we look forward to seeing you in Gardner.

Join us for the opening of the Gardner Satellite Registry!