About Me

Stephanie K. Fattman was elected as Register of Probate in 2014, making her the first woman elected to the position in Worcester County. Register Fattman launched a campaign against a 12 year incumbent and campaigned on a message of efficient customer service, accountability and strong management in government to the court system. 

Register Fattman is a Cum Laude graduate of Boston University and a graduate of Suffolk University Law School. She is admitted to the Massachusetts Bar, and is a current member of the Massachusetts Bar Association and Worcester County Bar Association. 

She lives in Southern Worcester County with her husband and two children. 


Customer Service:

  • Returned more than $2 million in escrow money to over 300 families across the county in a court purge that had not been conduced since 1992.
  • Reduced filing time of court documents to less than 24 hours.
  • Built the Worcester Adoption Program through a state wide innovation grant to gift over 150 adoptees each year with special memorabilia including Build-a-bears and age appropriate books and games to remind them of their adoption day in court.
  • Launched the Fattman Family Forum to present estate materials and court resources to groups in the community.
  • Launched the Northern County Guardianship Clinic to provide guardianship resources to Grandparents Raising Grandchildren and Parents of incapacitated adults.

Strong Management in Government:

  • Raised the standards of hiring to promote based on merit and hard work.
  • Restructured and reorganized office staff to work with fewer employees and using staff in smarter, more efficient ways to save taxpayer money. 


  • The first Register to implement e-filing of cases.
  • Digital computer access to all cases in the Registry, eliminating the need for litigants to wait for or review their paper file.